The Road Runner

February 24, 2022
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The Road Runner

  • 2 Shooting Lanes with 8-yard Caliber Hard Rail Target Retrieval System
  • 1-year Parts Warranty
  • Simplex push button lock for secured Access


When you want the rugged dependability of a MRT range, but long for portability, this is your range.

The Road Runner is a 40’ mobile shooting range built inside of a single use (1-trip) high cube container, set on a standard chassis trailer. The Road Runner offers an impressive lineup of applications, including training, corporate events, or parties – but is economical enough for personal use.

Using only a 50-amp single phase power hookup (like a typical RV), the Road Runner can even be run in remote locations on a generator to literally become a self-contained shooting range that can be set up virtually anywhere.

Our standard Road Runner is configured as a 2-lane 8-yard pistol shooting range, but can be upgraded to a 7-yard rifle shooting range, and our standard package includes everything you need to set up and start shooting in your own fully functioning indoor gun range.

Standard Specification

40′ Static Pistol Mobile Shooting Range Side Entry (most common pistol calibers up to 44 MAG. Firing Range 360⁰ Armor Plating with:

  • Simplex push button lock for secured Access
  • 2 Shooting Booths with LED Lights
  • Shooters Shelves
  • 2 Shooting Lanes with 8-yard Caliber Hard Rail Target Retrieval System
  • MRT Bullet Trap with Replaceable Wear Plates
  • MRT HEPA Recirculating Air Filtration with AC/Heat
  • Insulated Between Framing and 1” Drywall Between Framing and Container to Reduce Exterior Noise
  • 2″ Sound Foam on Ceiling (firing line forward)
  • Rubber Floor
  • Easy to Clean Paintable Surfaces up to Firing Line
  • Only Needs Single Phase 50amp 208/220 Circuit
  • New Chassis Trailer
  • Aluminum Stairs
  • 1-year Parts Warranty
  • Customers Choice of Exterior Paint Color
  • Onsite Training.



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