Gun Industry Marketplace

Firearms Unified

The Gun Industry Marketplace is the hub for the firearms industry itself. It’s a single, unified location to connect and assist the businesses, governments and shooters of our industry. Find anything you need from guns, parts, kits, accessories, gear, services, partners, suppliers, distributors, training and much more.

We help our members make their products and services known. Benefits received include increased brand recognition, visibility, customers, partners, collaboration, press and more. Advertising and marketing opportunities in our industry are getting more and more scarce, with major businesses walking away and even banning our industry. Let them go. We’re here to provide a safe platform for the firearms industry.

Our Mission

To protect and assist “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms” by helping the firearms industry to better survive, unify, expand, strengthen their power and numbers, and achieve their goals.

The Gun Industry Marketplace is owned and operated by The York Company. We’re an award-winning, family-owned marketing company in Nashville, TN. We’ve created market trends, industry buzzes and even made products go viral. In addition to the Gun Industry Marketplace, we also offer top-notch marketing and advertising services to help the businesses in our industry.

We’re always interested to hear about your company, products or services. Feel free to reach out to see how we can help you.


MANUFACTURER: Gun Industry Marketplace
MODEL: Owen York
CALIBER: Founder/Owner
CAPACITY: The brains behind the operation. Executive, marketing, sales & business development pro. 

MANUFACTURER: Gun Industry Marketplace
MODEL: Tiffany York
CALIBER: Co-Founder/Co-Owner
CAPACITY: Every company needs a feminine point of view and some direction to keep the wild and crazy men in line. That’s me.

MANUFACTURER: Gun Industry Marketplace
MODEL: Bruce Wiseman
CALIBER: Advisory Board
CAPACITY: Market research, survey, positioning and branding expert. Corporate and government consultant. Best-selling author.