VT2R AdTac 9mm Weapons : Ammo

VT2R AdTac 9mm Weapons / Ammo


VT2R AdTac 9mm Weapons / Ammo

  • AdTac Weapons are incapable of accepting live fire ammo to assure safety
  • AdTac Weapons offer recoil that is indistinguishable from live fire
  • AdTac Ammo is non-toxic, lead-free, and 100% recyclable brass

Our weapons are currently available in 9mm – GL17 Gen 4 or AdTac 9 – this offer you a tremendous value for training using common ammo.

9mm – AdTac GL17 Barrel with Laser
9mm – AdTac GL17 Gen 4 Converted to AdTac with laser
9mm – AdTac AR-9 Upper with laser
9mm – AdTac AR-9 Complete weapon Converted to AdTac with Laser

We can pair these weapons to any number of firearms simulators, laser vests, or other interactive targets.

Simulators saves lives and VT2R leads in RBT.

We continue to test our production ammo on both the Glock 17 and AR-9 Platforms. Our sole focus is safety and reliability. #vt2r #stockyardsgunfighter #veterans #realitybasedtraining #firearmssimulator #thinblueline #training #weaponssafety #lawenforcement

Posted by Virtual Tactical Training Resources - VT2R on Sunday, December 22, 2019

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