VT2R AdTac 9 - Range in a Box

VT2R AdTac 9 – Range in a Box


VT2R AdTac 9 – Range in a Box

  • Ultra Compact Range in a Box – weighs less than 2 pounds
  • Train in any lighting at effective ranges of up to 100 yards
  • AdTac weapons are hyper-realistic and our ammo is non-toxic, lead-free, and 100% recyclable brass

VT2R AdTac Range in a Box

• Set up indoors, outdoors, or in combination
• Proven on 5” target at 80 yards in daylight
• Set up as 5-lane range or create your own course-of-fire
• Set up takes less than 5 minutes for a 5 lane configuration
• AdTac GL17 or AR-9 with AdTac 9mm amp

• SIRT dry fire training pistols can be paired to system (ask us)
• IR Vest / Cap – create reality based with a course of fire

Train in ANY location, create your own range our set up your own multi-lane firing range. Either way, AdTac provides fully realistic recoil management and and reduced dBA to be realistic, yet safe.

VT2R Range in a BoxVT2R Range in a Box
• 5 Laser Modules
• 20 Targets (4 sets of 5)
• 1 AdTac Glock 17 Barrell with IR Laser
• 250 rounds of AdTac 9 Blank Ammo
• 1 Custom Case
Just add a Glock 17 Firearm (gen 1-4) and you are set.

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