The Rhodesian Sling

The Rhodesian™ Sling

November 15, 2020
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The Rhodesian™ Sling by Andy’s Leather

  • Provides support while slung.
  • Bridle leather and solid brass or stainless hardware.
  • Your choice of colors, black, dark brown or chestnut.

The Rhodesian™ Sling is designed to provide support when slung and act as a carry strap for carry. A two-point sling designed for the Scout Rifle but will work on any rifle with the standard sling mounting points. This sling features a forward loop and acts as both shooting support and a carry strap. Made with bridle leather and solid brass hardware. 100% made in North Carolina. This is the perfect sling for your Scout Rifle but it works on any rifle that has the standard sling mounts (Uncle Mikes style studs). Be sure to order a set of swivels that I will install on the sling prior to shipping.

Brass, Stainless, Duracoat, or Cerakoted black buckles are available as well.

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