.44 Auto Mag

The New .44 Auto Mag is here!

June 30, 2022
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.44 Auto Mag Classic Edition

Auto Mag .44

over the last five years, Auto Mag has reinvigorated the Auto Mag brand and made over twenty improvements to the gun’s reliability, safety, and ease of use. From its newfound strength, to reliability & materials, the new .44 Auto Mag does everything the old version did, and more!

All current Auto Mag pricing has been extended thru July 4th holiday. Beat the 15% price increase by purchasing your Auto Mag now!

Dirty Harry’s 2nd favorite Gun!

This Auto Mag Classic Edition 44 AMP Model 180-D comes in either 8.5 inch or 6.5 inch barrel with a Brush Satin or high polished Finish and Hogue G-10 or Wood Grip. 

If purchased with 100% down, the .44 Auto Mag ships in a custom presentation gun case designed to protect your gun from any damage. The gun also comes with two magazines capable of holding 7 rounds each.

Purchase the .44 Auto Mag Classic Edition

6″ Barrel:  $3,495.00
8″  Barrel:  $3,795.00

The Raven! Auto Mag
A special production run, the Auto Mag® RAVEN features a 6 ½” barrel with an all-black finish, Hogue wooden grips and a brush satin cocking piece to accent the upper and receiver. The front sight is fixed while the rear sight assembly (Kensight) is fully adjustable.


The RAVEN incorporates over 40 improvements from the original production Auto Mag® resulting in a safer, more reliable gun with improved accuracy. Additional grip styles and Auto Mag accessories are available to complement your purchase.
These firearms are Made to Order!
The Raven! Auto Mag
Purchase the .44 Auto Mag Raven for $3,895.00

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