Stock Drilling Jig for Remington 700 and 700 Clones

Stock Drilling Jig for Remington 700 & 700 clones

June 22, 2020
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Stock Drilling Jig for Remington 700 and 700 clones

(Used for Pillar Bedding)

  • Accurately drill your Remington 700 stock for pillar bedding.
  • No special tools beyound a hand drill required.
  • Professional results every time.

It has never been easier to drill a Remington 700 stock to accommodate bedding pillars than with our Pillar Drilling Jig. You no longer need a milling machine or even a drill press. Hardened steel drill guide bushings are held in place by a round bar the same diameter as a Remington 700 receiver. This bar is accurately positioned on the top of the stock’s inletting using a special guide pin that pilots off of either the front or rear trigger guard screw hole. The top bar with the drill bushings are held firmly in position by a screw passing thru the top bar and into a special platform machined to fit the bottom of the stock. Once the drill jig is firmly in position the hardened drill bushing will not allow the special drill bit supplied with each kit to wonder from the correct path. It takes literally seconds to accurately drill any Remington 700 stock to accept bedding pillars using only a hand drill.

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