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Smart Shooting Target System

November 11, 2021
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Smart Shooting Target System

  • Compatible: a great solution for every kind of steel target, regardless of the origin or type, and it works with various calibers and bb/airsoft guns
  • Efficient: customizable training scenarios for games and training modes as well as for combat-based scenarios
  • Durable: was tested with Hardox 550 steel plates and managed to withstand more than 20,000 rounds of various calibers

Steel Alive Smart Shooting Target System is a set of smart target devices and multicolor LEDs that can be strapped to any steel plate/target.

It brings the shooting experience to the 21st-century. You no longer have to measure your skills and quickness manually. All of that is in your smartphone right now. Smart Targets detect your hit, allowing you to track your speed, reflexes and watch your total statistics among other shooters in the Still Alive Mobile Application.

Flashing LEDs allow you to truly master your shooting abilities with complex drills and customizable training scenarios, or having fun with your friends by playing multiplayer games.

These smart devices were designed to serve most of the steel targets ranging from 3 to 15 inch in radius. They work with various calibers.

Smart Shooting Target System was designed to support training of all kinds and on all levels of advancement. The system supports ranges from 0 yards (polymer ricochet-free targets) up to 100 yards. Users can confront their skills in games and training modes, as well as in combat-based scenarios. The results are posted in international leaderboards along with the special forces personnel benchmark. Multiple statistics allow the instructors to improve their team’s marksmanship and practical skills.

Smart Shooting Target System is boxed in a heavy duty Pelican Case designed to protect devices against any damage that could occur during transportation. The whole set is lightweight (6 lbs) and individual Smart Target Devices weigh only 3 oz.

While the initial pack consists of 5 Smart Target Devices, the system can be easily scaled. One master-unit can drive up to 10 devices (custom-made systems with any number of devices are limited to the budget only).

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