SEAL 1 CLP Plus®

April 24, 2020
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SEAL 1 CLP Plus®

  • Cleans * Lubricates * Protects
  • Pre-Saturated Bore Patches & Dry 100% Cotton Cleaning Patches
  • Wipe it on and Wipe it off!!! Up to 50% less cleaning time

SEAL 1 CLP Plus® is a bio-based, non-toxic product. It comes in a paste, a liquid, an aerosol, and pre-saturated bore specific patches (SEAL SKINZ™). They all do the same thing, just different methods of application.

The best way to use our product is to start with a clean firearm. You will see that it is not clean. The SEAL 1 CLP Plus® will remove more carbon that has been left by whatever product you were using before. Field strip the firearm and cover the entire firearm, inside and out, with the SEAL 1 CLP Plus®. For the first use I would let it stay on about 15-20 minutes (is not required though), and then wipe the firearm completely dry. It will take about three cleanings, clean/shoot, clean/shoot, clean/shoot, (normal usage) before the SEAL 1 CLP Plus® has removed whatever product that you were using before, and has “seasoned” the firearm. SEAL 1 CLP Plus® is safe on all metal, plastic, composite, polymer, rubber, leather, and wood. After the first cleaning you will notice a difference. And with each successive cleaning you will find that it just gets easier and easier to clean.

SEAL 1 CLP Plus® is a dry lubricant and is designed to work as such. You will find that malfunctions are virtually eliminated when used properly.

SEAL 1 CLP Plus® is a one and done formulation, no other products are needed to clean, lubricate and protect your firearm.

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