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February 8, 2024
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Saving Youth Shooting Sports and Your Future!
Our rights will be eliminated without a pro-gun future vote from youth!

Junior Shooters strives to be the first of its kind to promote juniors involved in all shooting disciplines online, and in print and give them a voice.

We care about juniors and their parents and want you to have a place to find what is needed to get started in many different shooting venues. Questions about safety, guns and gear, protective gear, events, organizations, laws pertaining to gun laws affecting minors being able to shoot, and more are answered.

Junior Shooters is dedicated to juniors of all ages and their parents, and all articles and publications are available online for free!

Our publications offer information on:

  • How to Get Started
  • Shooting Events
  • Shooting Organizations
  • Shooting Clubs
  • Scholarships
  • Safety
  • Youth Shooting Laws

Junior Shooters ONLINE Special edition:
Volume 3 Saving Youth Shooting Sports and Your Future


California Law AB2571 is a specific, well-planned effort by California and anti-gun groups to eliminate pro-gun information to minors by making it illegal and, at the same time, ensuring that anti-gun information is still legal and increasing the amount of anti-gun information. Thus changing the voting structure in the U.S.A.

Stop Anti-Gun Groups from Destroying Youth Shooting Sports! 

California AB2571, Junior Sports Magazines, Inc., vs. Bonta (state of California). Reference link:

Junior Shooters magazine is published by Junior Sports Magazines, Inc.

Most of the shooting industry does not understand that this law has been active since June 31, 2022, and if any part of this law is accepted by the U.S. Ninth District Court of Appeals, we will see an end to all shooting sports. This law means that any organization or person cannot encourage the use of a firearm or firearm-related product by a minor in the state of California.

All shooters should know that the education of their youth is at risk! Many states will follow if the federal court approves, resulting in significant impacts immediately until the Supreme Court hears it.

Click here to read about our efforts to stop California, “and other states,” from destroying youth shooting sports: 

Help us Fight for Youth Shooting Sports!

If you are in the shooting industry or related – advertise with us.

If you are an individual – subscribe to our magazine.

Do you want the anti-gun groups to take your child’s capability to learn and enjoy a safe shooting sport away? This magazine, youth shooting sports, and your business will eventually disappear.

Do you want your children to grow up with no possibility of being involved in shooting sports? Do you want to lose the shooting sports altogether?

Please support the magazine and our efforts to keep youth shooting sports alive and protect the Constitution of the United States.


Andrew J. Fink
Editor-In-Chief and Publisher

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