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Recluse TS Pocket Holsters

October 1, 2020
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Recluse TS Pocket Holsters

  • Innovative Two Sided clamshell pocket holsters providing full coverage and natural draw.
  • Three TS holster versions to meet your specific carry needs: Front, Solo & Cargo.
  • Designed to fit over 50 handgun models and various laser options.

Recluse TS Pocket Holsters
The unique clamshell style pocket holster accommodates a large selection of handguns. The Two Sided holster is wet molded to the handgun as one piece of leather to provide a full muzzle pouch and coverage of the trigger and frame. With the leather only sewn at the bottom portion of the slide the two sides easily separate when the handgun is drawn.

Select your handgun from the manufactures list on our Product web page.

Holsters are handmade to order from Gig Harbor, WA and made exclusively from Horween Horsehide.

Thank you for considering a Recluse holster,
Tod Cole

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