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Recluse OS Pocket Holsters

October 1, 2020
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Recluse OS Pocket Holsters

  • Patented One Sided Pocket holster provides natural draw leaving the holster in your pocket every time.
  • Four versions to meet your specific carry needs: Front, Solo, Square & Plus.
  • Designed to fit over 30 handgun models and various laser options.

Recluse OS Pocket Holsters
The patented design eliminates handgun printing by completely covering the outside of the handgun. With the inside being primarily open the firearm is drawn from the pocket with ease and free of restriction. The handgun is holstered by placing the muzzle into the holster muzzle pouch and then bringing it into the trigger block from the side. With the fully enclosed muzzle pouch it is difficult for lint and other debris to build up. With these benefits designed into the Recluse™ One Sided holster it is easily adapted for day to day carry with comfort and confidence.

Select your handgun from the manufactures list on our Product web page.

Holsters are handmade to order from Gig Harbor, WA and made exclusively from Horween Horsehide.

Thank you for considering a Recluse holster,
Tod Cole

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