PrOlix Xtra-T Dry Lube

PrOlix Xtra-T Lube

August 24, 2018
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Xtra-T™ Lube

  • Premium Quality
  • Bio-Tech – Earth Friendly Lubricant
  • Long record of reliable performance!

XTRA-T™ LUBE Premium Quality Bio-Tech – Earth Friendly Lubricant

Xtra-T™ Lube is a premium quality lubricant designed to provide excellent lubrication of today’s Hi- Tech precision equipment and at the same time far exceed the requirement of yesterday’s technology! Xtra-T™ is made from highly refined bases that have been carefully selected to provide superior viscosity/temperature characteristics, low foaming tendencies and good water separation properties. In addition, they contain proven additives to protect equipment against rusting and to resist oxidation for long service life. At the same time, it is safe enough to be used in the medical and dental fields.

General applications
The high quality of Xtra-T™ makes it suitable for a wide range of lubrication applications. These include mainly for the tool of our sport, general-purpose home and industrial needs, non-antiwear applications, and extreme temperature demands.

Xtra-T™ was tested and far exceeded the Standards for machine tool lubrication established by the American Society of Lubrication Engineers (ASLE), and the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA), including a special classification for rust and oxidation inhibited lubricants for applications as non-E.P. gear lubrication requirements.

Xtra-T™ has a long, successful record of providing dependable lubrication with trouble-free performance. The user should select Xtra-T™ by PrOlix®, and apply in accordance with the recommendation of the manufacturer, or the repair tech.

Xtra-TTM has achieved a long record of reliable performance because of three significant features: Superior oxidation stability:
A laboratory test method widely used for evaluating the oxidation stability is ASTM D 943, (TOST). In this procedure, pure oxygen is bubbled through a mixture of lubricant and water in this presence of copper and iron wire catalysts at 95°C. The TOST life is reported as the time in hours for the lubricant to reach acidity (TAN-C) of 2.0. A modification of the TOST used by the Navy (MIL TOST) is terminated at 1000 hours, and lubrication condition is evaluated, especially sludge content.

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