Prolix Total Gun Care

PrOlix Total Gun Care

August 23, 2018
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PrOlix® Total Gun Care (TGC)

  • Goes on Wet!
  • Cleans & Bonds.
  • Turns dry to the touch.

Prolix® does what no other product does on the market, it works! Cleans with a Citrus based cleaning mixture and has a DRY Lubricant mixed into it. In the process of cleaning it evaporates and activates the Dry Lubricant which is then Bonded to what ever was being cleaned; i.e.: inside barrel, chambers, cylinders, wood, or the tools of our sport! Results are a coating of lubricant that won’t wipe off, burn off, built up, nor allow moisture to get under it like petroleum and synthetic products! Was developed by active shooters, tested by LE and Military professionals, but the best and only test we here at Prolix(R) value, is yours!?!

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