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PRESS RELEASE: Announcing Gun Industry Marketplace LOCAL

November 1, 2019
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Gun Industry Marketplace Local


Nov 1, 2019:

We’re proud to announce the launch of the new Gun Industry Marketplace Local! For years now, we’ve been desiring to create a local option within the Gun Industry Marketplace to help and support our local business community of dealers, gunsmiths, ranges and instructors. Now we have!

GIM Local offers our industry’s local businesses the opportunity to not only promote their business in the fastest growing firearms business marketplace in the world, but unlike dealer locators which only show a name and address, GIM Local gives them an opportunity to tell people about themselves in more detail, for example: why are they different from their competitors, or why their service can be trusted.

…and to ensure the best visibility for each member we can, this is an exclusive program, meaning that there will be only one company per county for each service.

Further, GIM Local Members will have access to the Firearms Industry Job Board. This alone will be worth the cost for some, considering the prices of other internet job boards.

Lastly (and as usual), we priced it right so that any local business could afford it.

Our local businesses are very important to the industry, perhaps now more than ever! We’re proud to be able to help support them and to be a part of their marketing and advertising arsenals!

Owen York, Founder
Gun Industry Marketplace

GIM Local Membership

Gun Industry Marketplace Local Members receive:

  • Each GIM Local Member will be the featured and exclusive local provider in their chosen county.
  • (Please Note: We can only accept one service provider per category in each county. If your county is taken, please contact us to be added to the waiting list.)
  • A detailed Business Listing.
  • Access to the Firearms Industry Job Board.
  • Easily searchable categorization of your business and location.
  • Additional promotion of your brand and services.
  • Local visibility to businesses, governments and consumers.
  • If you have multiple services, you can sign up for multiple categories.

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