Orchid eState

Orchid eState™


Orchid eState™

  • The only FFL compliance software for state firearm laws designed by attorneys
  • Identify state-level firearm restrictions by firearm type and attributes
  • Search state restrictions manually or automate with API-driven integrations

Designed by attorneys, Orchid eState™ is the only FFL compliance software for state and local firearm laws. Easy to use, Orchid eState™ will provide real-time responses as to whether firearms are prohibited for consumer purchase/possession based on chosen location, type and attributes. Manually search state firearm restrictions or automate your research with API-driven POS, ERP, WMS and eCommerce integration.

Orchid eState™ Features:
• Identify prohibited firearms by manufacturer, retailer and shipping state/city location
• Select from firearm types with action, cartridge and magazine options
• Add firearm attribute filters, including overall length, stocks/grips and magazine capacity
• Links to state statutes and laws provided for follow-up research
• Automate research with POS, ERP, WMS and eCommerce integrations
• Included in Orchid FFL Protection Plan™ benefits
• Get started today, starting at $25/mo

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