Orchid eSerial

Orchid eSerial™


Orchid eSerial™

  • API-driven FFL manufacturer software for laser marking serialized firearms
  • The only application designed to integrate firearm lasers, ERP software and electronic bound books
  • Control firearm inventory with increased efficiency and ATF compliance

Orchid eSerial™ is the only FFL manufacturer software designed to integrate firearm lasers, ERP systems and electronic bound books. Compatible with popular laser technology, save time and money while staying ATF compliant with serial number reservation, live status indicators and automated firearm acquisition with Orchid eBound™ integration.

Orchid eSerial™ Features:
• Digitally reserve serial number blocks by part number or model
• Manually assign status to individual or blocks of serial numbers
• Automatically acquire completed marks with Orchid eBound™ integration
• Open API technology for use with any laser technology
• Included in Orchid ERP Accelerator™ solutions
• Get started today, starting at $25/mo

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