Orchid eBound

Orchid eBound™


Orchid eBound™

  • Trusted by major retail, manufacturing and eCommerce FFLs with nearly 1 billion firearm A&D transactions made
  • Only FFL bound book with native ERP, POS, eCommerce and e4473 integrations
  • Backed by expert in-house firearms attorneys available for on-call ATF compliance support

Orchid eBound™ is the simplest, most compliant and most trusted FFL software for A&D bound books and ATF Form 4473s. Built with ERP, POS, eCommerce and e4473 integrations and backed by expert in-house firearms attorneys, Orchid eBound™ streamlines operations and reduces FFL compliance costs so you can pass ATF inspections and efficiently run your business.

Orchid eBound™ Features:
• Eliminate dual entry with Orchid ERP™, POS™ and eCommerce™ integrations
•. Operate customer kiosks with e4473 integration and digital signature
•. Process bulk firearm serial numbers by barcode scanner
•. Autofill firearms/FFLs with synced vendor directories and ATF FFL eZ Check
•. Assign bound book access and track audit activity by user
•. ATF 2016-1 compliant with cloud storage and automatic daily backups
•. On-call FFL compliance support from expert in-house firearms attorneys
•. Get started today with 30-day free trial

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