Mid-Evil Industries for Law Enforcement Applications

June 8, 2021
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Mid-Evil Industries

for Law Enforcement Applications

Introducing Mid-Evil Industries

June 8, 2021: Mid-Evil Industries’ innovative products adjust the weapon to the shooter, rather than the shooter to the firearm. We specialize in tactical innovation via modular components. 

Our equipment is valid for Law Enforcement Agencies. Mid-Evil products bring value to the industry when seconds count and weight matters. Our platform goes from prone, sitting and kneeling, to standing in seconds and fits into one bag, weighing in at only six pounds!

Mid-Evil Industries newest addition, The Overwatch Commander, is a modular adjustable quick detach monopod/tripod system. It is an extremely stable shooting platform that’s quickly and easily deployed in tight spaces. This new lightweight, compact system is capable of what many heavier, larger tripods on the market can do and allows for widespread accessibility because of its smaller footprint.

The Overwatch Commander

The Overwatch Commander is our premier monopod/tripod system. This set-up has height adjustment on the fly, quick detach capabilities and interchangeable components. The Overwatch Commander creates a stable shooting platform that allows the shooter to engage while still on the system and while searching for the threat. Lightweight durability allows it to be quickly packed and deployed.

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Retired Chief Master Sergeant Paul Koester hits a 1,149 meter shot with his Sword MK-17 on the Overwatch Commander

1,149 meter shot with his Sword MK-17 on the Overwatch Commander at the S3 Sniper Competition in Granite Creek, MT.

Paul Koester is the longest-serving pararescue airman. He retired as a Chief Master Sergeant after 41 years of service.

Other Mid-Evil Industries Products

The 360° VFG (Vertical Fore Grip) and new ARG (Adjustable Rifle Grip) give the shooter more versatility and ergonomic positioning for optimum user comfort and control. Our grips bring new levels of tactical precision to your weapon when every shot matters. The shooter can now get into their natural fighter stance and align tendon and bone, thus eliminating waste of energy. The 360° VFG & ARG grips and the Overwatch Commander cut down on shooter fatigue while improving accuracy.

Press Contact

Steve Azhocar, CEO

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