Merica Ammunition Reloading Components - 9mm FMJ Bullets

Merica Reloading Components

November 15, 2022
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Reloading Components – Merica Ammuntion

  • 9mm brass casings
  • 9mm FMJ bullets
  • 9mm trays


Merica Ammunition manufactures 9×19 mm brass cases as per NATO standards, and is also capable of manufacturing 9mm FMJ bullets in 9×18 makarov, 9×19mm 115 grain, and 9×19mm 124 grain.  All of the produced components are checked by high technology automatic gauging and visual inspection machines in terms of their visual and dimensional conformance.

Additionally, we can also manufacture and supply 9mm box trays and boxes for custom design.

No better place to buy American reloading components than Merica Ammunition!



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