February 13, 2019
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The Business of FirearmsThe Business of Firearms

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$250 per listing


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    What is the Gun Industry Marketplace?

    What is the Gun Industry Marketplace?

    The GIM was created to be a simple and effective online marketing and advertising platform for the Firearms Industry. You can find anything you need in our listings from guns, ammo, gear, services, jobs, news and a lot more. We use various marketing and advertising techniques to help our members increase their brand recognition and make their products and services known.

    The GIM is for anyone related to the Firearms Industry — shooters, collectors, businesses, Law Enforcement, or government organizations. As the trade show that never closes, we’ve brought the industry together for you — anytime you need it!

    Membership Benefits

    Firearms is a competitive industry. You need to be seen constantly and continuously. The best product or service in the world will only be successful if people know about it. The GIM should be part of every marketing and advertising arsenal. 

    Here are the benefits of being a GIM Lifetime Member. You get: 

    • An Online Trade Show Booth with company details and contact info — FOREVER
    • Use listings for anything you need — products, services, news, the job board or local listings!
    • Each listing includes highlights, details, image & video options.
    • Listings include click tracking and lead generation options
    • Your listings will be periodically featured to the entire GIM audience in our Weekly Features
    • You will be promoted to our diverse audience of local, national and international shooters, collectors, businesses, Law Enforcement and gov’t
    • Easily searchable categories so you are easy to find!
    • GIM Members-Only Newsletters that include recommendations, articles and industry reconnaissance
    • Links back to your website for traffic, referrals or leads
    • Members-Only Discounts for our BLAST! Marketing Campaigns and Firearms-Friendly Digital Advertising

    For years, we’ve heard from our Members what they like about the GIM: 

    • Simply being found more easily
    • Extra “real estate” to show off their products or services without being deleted or banned
    • Finding new and unique products, services, suppliers and vendors.
    • Having an additional avenue for buying, selling and partnerships.
    • Finding everything they need in one place.
    • Industry referrals
    • Easier and faster industry connections 

    How much does it cost?


    Business Listing:



    $250 per listing

    What are the results?

    We’re always pleasantly surprised at the wins from our Members. You can read our success stories here.

    Member results have included: 

    • New customers, sales and accounts.
    • New dealers, wholesalers and distributors.
    • Increased attention and brand, product and service recognition.
    • Increased traffic.
    • Easier, faster product and service launches.
    • Government and Law Enforcement opportunities.
    • Local, national and international opportunities.
    • Press, review & PR Opportunities.
    • New partnerships and collaborations.

    Some incredible results have included:

    • Products going viral.
    • Products or services trending across the Firearms Industry.
    • Businesses receiving national or international press, interviews or articles from industry media.
    • Businesses being both bought and sold through the GIM network.
    • Entire wholesale inventories being cleared out within hours (and even minutes!)
    • Massive amounts of sales leads generated

    Why the Gun Industry Marketplace?

    The Gun Industry Marketplace was created after in-depth market research of the entire Firearms Industry.

    Every year, our industry is attacked, censored and suppressed by anti-2nd Amendment agendas forwarded by Big Tech, big banks and other corporations like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Dick’s Sporting Goods and many more. They BAN firearms-related categories and drop firearms-related businesses, despite it being #2 in our Constitution.

    This leaves the Firearms Industry with less opportunity to market and advertise our products and services.

    This is because of “false reports” about our industry as evil and crazy. This is an agenda created to try to strangle our industry to death. The truth is that our industry is a close-knit, friendly and ethical group. It’s the opposite of what the media reports. Our industry is composed of community-oriented men, women, families, veterans, Law Enforcement, military, and many more. It’s a fantastic community.

    So, we created the GIM to assist the Firearms Industry in order to help it grow faster than any agenda could suppress it.

    The industry needed — by survey — a single place where it could come together to find anything it needed whether it was guns, ammo, gear, software, suppliers, partners, consumers, sales, attention, promotion, etc., etc. So we created it.

    American freedom depends upon the Firearms Industry. We’re here to help keep it that way.

    I have questions!

    If you have any questions, please Contact us.

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