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September 2, 2021
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Help us evacuate as many Americans and allies as possible.

From the President of Point 2 Point Global Solutions


September 1st, 2021  

Fellow Patriots,

This is a plea for help. Below is a Fox News video of an interview with a Lieutenant Commander Bryan Stern, USN. Please Watch!  


When Kabul was getting ready to fall, he and other elite specials forces created a Non-Government Evacuation squad and headed to Northern Afghanistan to evacuate as many Americans and allies as possible. 

Last week I called Bryan’s assistant and asked him where he was and she said, “I don’t know. He just got on a plane.” That is why it is so important to donate to the link below, because there are people like Bryan who will jump on an airplane and fly to the middle of a war zone so that NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND!

Bryan has a good life here in America. He’s married and has a good job. He’s a Purple Heart recipient for being buried under World Trade Center 1 while on duty on 911, and has dozens more awards, honors and medals for his service to our country. He didn’t have to go! He went because he’s loyal and extremely brave! 

They are self-funding this entire operation and need money for planes, fuel, and helicopters NOW!!! Please watch the video. Of you can, please donate by clicking the link below. 


Thank You, 

Tyler Shimunek, President 

 Point 2 Point Global Solutions

Bio of Lt. Commander Bryan Cameron Stern, USN


Point 2 Point Global Solutions


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