GunSpace — Firearms-Friendly Social Media

April 11, 2022
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Firearms Social Media on IOS and Android

  • Vault to showcase your products
  • Manage events such as demos, competitionns or special offers
  • Create your own branded feed with private and public clubs


As a manufacturer, dealer, or service provider, your goal is to make money!

GunSpace is your social network & events management and industry connection for the firearms industry! By focusing on the needs of the firearm industry, manufacturers, dealers, influencers, content creators, and end-users. You are creating a mutually beneficial environment for all, not BIG TECH.

Big tech hates you, your firearms, and your lifestyle. They continually throttle your content and ability to see the content you like. Every day you see your friends, favorite influencers, gun shops, or manufacturers get canceled and banned. They will not stop till you no longer have a voice.

There is a better alternative! GunSpace has taken the best components of top social sites and fuzed them together for a unique experience. We want to help you socialize and engage with other firearms enthusiasts, dealers, and manufacturers without random unwanted posts or unrelated advertising.
What is GunSpace? There are four main components.

  1. A scrollable picture and short video on social media with the following features.
  • Feed, filterable by state or county.
  • Event management, creating and managing events for private and commercial use.
  • Clubs, create or join private, public, or commercial clubs by shops or manufacturers.
  • Vault, fill your vault with your favorite firearms or shooting gear. It can be used for either private collections, a gun shop,
  • or manufacturers.
  • Follow firearm brands or top content creators.
  • Link to a podcast network that allows you to listen to your favorite gun podcast while using the app.
  • Link to the Gun.Community for more engaging interaction.

2. Gun Community – an interactive community facilitates deeper interaction with content.

  • Forum for technical or deeper content conversations.
  • Chat rooms for creating groups or hosting meetings.
  • Photo Gallery for content exposure.
  • News page to post or read the latest firearm news.
  • Groups create private and public groups.
  • Manage Events
  • Blogs page, read or upload
  • Upload or watch video
  • Create social channels from Vimeo and YouTube

3. Firearm Podcast Network.

  • Listen to your favorite firearm podcast while you scroll on the GunSpace App feed.
  • Listen to podcasts while using

4. Gun Community Shopping.

  • Paid premium membership includes the hottest deals on firearms and accessories.
  • All items are drop shipped directly to you or your FFL.
  • Get notified before gun stores of available guns and accessories.



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