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Gunsmith Supervisor — Salt Lake City, UT — Sportsman’s Warehouse

December 4, 2020
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Gunsmith Supervisor — Salt Lake City, UT

  • In-House Gunsmith Center
  • Full Gunsmithing Operation
  • Employee Benefits and Discount

Purpose of Position:

The Gunsmith Supervisor will assist in developing a modern and efficient Gunsmithing program to support our stores and customers. The Lead Gunsmith is responsible for ongoing Gunsmith development, shop maintenance and operational efficiencies.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

-Support Gunsmithing team by planning, monitoring and appraising gunsmithing jobs
-Operate and train associate Gunsmiths on all department equipment in a safe and efficient manner
-Estimate time and cost for incoming jobs. Ensure competitive and profitable pricing by recommending pricing adjustments for services to Gunsmith Service Manager
-Resolve customer service issues related to the Gunsmithing Center
-Assist in development of Gunsmithing Center improvements including innovation, quality control and cost efficiencies
-Adhere to and enforce Gunsmithing Center’s security policy and procedures, and ensuring team members work in a safe and efficient manner
-Ensure the Gunsmithing Center delivers products and services that meet or exceed the company’s quality and time metrics
-Ensure the Gunsmithing Center complies with all ATF regulations
-Assist the Gunsmith Service Manager in management of Gunsmiths including hiring, terminations, training, development, performance evaluation, disciplinary action, coaching and counseling
-Assist the Gunsmith Service Manager in developing and implementing business rules, software, processes and metrics for the Gunsmithing Center
-Recommend products and services to help Sportsman’s Warehouse Gunsmithing Center meet customer needs and expectations
-All other duties as assigned.

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