Gun Industry Marketplace will be at the NRA Texas 2024 – See you there?

May 14, 2024
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Gun Industry Marketplace

Gun Industry Marketplace is coming to NRA Texas 2024


Will you be there? Let’s Talk Business!

Gun Industry Marketplace


The Hub of the Gun Industry Globally


To protect our Constitutional freedoms, including “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” by helping the Gun Industry survive and flourish, making it impossible to take down.

What is the Gun Industry Marketplace?

The GIM is THE hub of the gun industry. It brings the industry into one place, acting as a stable base, allowing the industry to generate power in a suppression-free environment. The GIM increases the industry’s size, speed and revenues, further enabling it to safeguard and protect our country, religions, families and other freedoms. As the 2nd Amendment is the Constitution’s teeth, the gun industry is the teeth of the 2nd Amendment.

Who We Are

Gun Industry Marketplace is an award-winning company headquartered in Nashville, TN, founded by sales and marketing experts. Since 2014, we’ve helped firearms industry businesses to get more exposure, visibility and traffic in an affordable way to help them achieve more customers, clients and sales. We’ve done everything from simply getting a business more attention, to putting a new brand on the industry’s radar, to creating market trends, and even making things go viral.

Meet Our Team


We are Coming to the Wild Wild West

Founder, Owner of Gun Industry Marketplace

Owen York is an Artist and Entrepreneur. Starting his first business at age 17 with 15 staff, his career has spanned The Arts, Firearms, Public Safety, Defense, and High-Tech. He is an expert in Marketing and Sales, having created market trends, viral campaigns, and industry buzzes.

VP of Marketing, Sales, & Administration

Julian Villarreal is an avid hunter and shooting enthusiast from South Texas with over 15 years of experience in the field! He is passionate about the outdoors and has joined Gun Industry Marketplace to help you with your individual needs in this field! By trade, he has experience and training in business management and marketing.

Technical Director of Gun Industry Marketplace

Ella is our skilled technical marketing manager working in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California! She’s eager to help others in the firearms community grow their business!

We want to Talk Business with You!


We will be there: May 16 – 18


Gun Industry Marketplace

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