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Gun-Free or Gun-Friendly? New CCW App — Conceal Friendly

June 9, 2020
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Press Release: 
Gun-Free Zone Or Gun Safe Zone?

Conceal Friendly App Launched

Conceal Friendly Launches New App for Gun Friendly Businesses

June 9, 2020: Conceal Friendly, a new app available in the Apple App Store and Google Play, launches today and is now available for download.

Conceal Friendly is an app that lets you know if a business is conceal friendly or not. It easily locates and displays gun-friendly businesses so you can support them. It also shows gun-free zones, so that you can avoid them.

We’re inputting new businesses into our database every single day (currently over 200,000) in the USA. If a business is Conceal Friendly, they will be voted with a “green thumbs up”. If the business is a gun-free zone they are voted with a “red thumbs down”.

Subscriptions are only $0.99 a month,  $7.99 a year, or $19.99 for 3 years (3-year plan available only on the website.)

You can download the app form the website here. Android users can get the app today from Google Play store here and Apple users can download the app here.

Gun-Free Or

The safety of others is important to us. Safety includes the option to conceal carry within legal limits. Many gun owners have shared stories with us about attending events, going to restaurants, etc., and finding themselves in the situation that their gun is not welcome with them.

We built this application to provide a quick reference so you will know if businesses are gun-friendly before you leave the house. Your gun can then stay safely at home rather than locked in your car.

Your contributions to the database are greatly appreciated. We can all help each other make the best Conceal Carry decisions together!

Conceal Friendly

Drawings & Prizes

For each business you give a conceal friendly or gun free zone rating to you will be entered into a drawing for prizes like new holsters, ammo guards, and one person a month will win a 1 year membership to USCCA Elite, a $564 value!

So go to the website or app and mark the businesses you frequent everyday and help all conceal carry holders KNOW BEFORE THEY GO!

Conceal Friendly

Watch the Conceal Friendly App Tutorial

Get the app today and start helping concealed carry holders find places that are CONCEAL FRIENDLY, so that we all can be safe and law abiding.


Conceal Friendly
Todd M. Thiede, President

If anyone you know may be interested in this, please forward this to them and let them know!

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