GRND ZR0 Essential Slide

GRND ZR0 Essential Slide

May 30, 2020
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GRND ZR0 Essential Slide

    • Brushed Stainless GRND ZR0 Integrally Compensated Barrel and Slide
    • Reduced Price Compared to the GRND ZR0 Complete Slide
    • The Perfect Blank Slate for the Ultimate Custom Build
    • Thread-less 50 State Legal Design


  • Match Grade 416R Stainless Barrel with Stainless 17-4 Precipitation-Hardened Compensator and Slide
  • 100 Year Warranty

The GRND ZR0 slide allows owners to transform their Glock into the lowest muzzle-flip and recoil  striker-fired gun on the market. Available for the legendary Glock 17, 19 and 34 platforms, the GRND ZR0 gives your customer the ability to carry, compete, train, and win, all with the same gun.

All compensated solutions offered by Trinity Nevada were designed from the ground up by utilizing rigorous thermo-fluid dynamics engineering as well as optimized kinematics to deliver a product unparalleled in performance and reliability.

Compensate without compromise; and dominate recoil!

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