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The Gun Industry Marketplace is a unified resource for the firearms industry. Find guns, gun parts, gun kits, accessories, gear, services, customers, partners, suppliers, dealers, distributors, training and more. A premier resource for businesses and government.

See our Frequently Asked Questions below.


Monthly: $50 per month

Annual: $500 per year (Save $100)


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Gun Industry Marketplace?

The Gun Industry Marketplace is a community made up of businesses, manufacturers & service providers, wholesalers & distributors, dealers, gunsmiths, gun ranges, government, the shooting public and more.

Here you can find whatever you need from guns, parts, kits, and accessories all the way to business partners, suppliers, distributors, retailers or services.

The Gun Industry Marketplace is intended as a complete resource for the Firearms Industry.

This is a simple, functional and usable tool for the industry. It is intended as a place for the industry to get to know each other more and strengthen as a group in one place. We do this through: 

  • Our ever-growing reach and membership
  • Modern, effective marketing, advertising and lead generation methods
  • Word of Mouth through our network for sales, partnerships and collaboration
  • Promotion to the entire industry and anything connected to it

What are the results?

Results can include: 

  • Brand, product and service recognition
  • More consumer reach & sales
  • New dealers & retailers
  • Government reach and opportunities
  • National and international distribution/wholesale opportunities
  • Press & PR Opportunities

Some actual member successes:

  • A member received over 150 B2B sales leads in their first 6 months.
  • A member received over 200 leads in their first few weeks— more than they could handle!
  • A member received a press lead that resulted in a #1 review to a readership of 2 million!
  • A member went from a dealer network of zero to over 120 dealers nationwide within a year.

We’re always pleasantly surprised at the wins coming out of the Gun Industry Marketplace. You can read more HERE.

How do I become a member?

Just click the on the button below.

What do I get as a member?

Members receive:

  • A detailed Business Listing
  • Unlimited Product or Service Listings, which include highlights, images and details.
  • Unlimited Job Listings– NEW!
  • Easily searchable categorization of your products and services
  • Additional promotion resulting in brand, product or service recognition
  • National and International visibility to businesses, governments and consumers
  • Access to business, government and consumer Sales Leads which are delivered in real-time
  • Periodical features to the Gun Industry Marketplace community

How will this help my business?

We can help to promote your business. You need to be seen constantly and continuously…and in a down market, you need to promote 5 times as much as normal or more! This is not all you should do, but it should be part of your marketing and advertising arsenal…no pun intended.


  • Get new customers, sales or partners
  • Receive sales leads in real-time.
  • We provide that extra “real estate” to show off your brand, products and services.
  • An additional avenue for buying, selling and partnerships.
  • Further connect with industry and find each other easily.
  • Affordable promotion for those who do not have massive marketing and advertising budgets.
  • Great for new or smaller businesses to find what they need or want.
  • Great for the Who’s Who in the industry to meet the “up-and-comers”.
  • Give a new product or service a jump start or boost.
  • Save time by locating everything you need in one place.

Will I get sales leads?

We can’t guarantee leads as we obviously cannot force people to want your products or services. But the answer is usually– YES!

By being listed in the Gun Industry Marketplace, you can receive consumer, business and government leads. The best part is that your leads are delivered to you with full contact info including what they want– instantly, in real-time!

Some things to know: 

  • A lead could be a one-time order or a lifetime customer— hobbyists, dealers, distributors, government suppliers, press— we’ve had them all!
  • We track leads, but we can’t see everything. We can’t see your traffic, phone calls or emails sent to you. Ask your customers where they found you!
  • If a lead doesn’t result in a sale now, SAVE THEM! Add them to your mailing list. A sales lead could be a sale next week, next month or next year! The leads are valuable. Use them.
  • While most leads come from the USA, we’ve had leads from all over the world– Italy, Greece, Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Canada, Indonesia, and more…

What other services do you have?

You can see all of our Premier Services here: Gun Industry Marketplace Services


  • Firearms Advertising— get more traffic to your product, service or brand in our Featured Ad locations.


  • BLAST! Firearms Marketing — promote your product, service or press release to other firearms businesses, the Press, public, and other market segments.
  • Firearms Email Marketing — make some serious noise and make your brand, products or services known effectively.

Contact us for availability and rates.

Is there a contract?

We have a monthly or annual membership agreement. Stay as long as you want. Or not.

We do ask that any cancellations are done in writing at least 30 days prior to the next billing date.

Why the Gun Industry Marketplace?

The Gun Industry Marketplace came about through in-depth market research and surveying of the entire supply chain of our industry, including manufacturers, service providers, wholesalers & distributors, retailers/dealers, the public, etc.

Every year, our industry has less “real estate” to market and advertise our products and services. Liberal-leaning companies like Amazon, Facebook, Dicks Sporting Goods, Shopify and more are removing firearms-related categories and products. Financiers are dropping high-risk customers (guns).

This is partly due to “false reports” about our industry, which report it as evil, crazy and unreasonable. This is very far from the truth. This is an agenda created to vilify the industry for unconstitutional purposes, but nonetheless leads people to shrink away from the firearms industry in fear.

Our industry is a close-knit, friendly and ethical Sporting Industry. It is the opposite of what is reported in the media, and is composed of community-oriented men, women, families, veterans, Law Enforcement, entrepreneurs, engineers, and more from every walk of life who care for their communities, create jobs, protect our Constitution– it’s a fantastic community.

American freedom depends upon our industry.

The Gun Industry Marketplace was created as a place for this community to come together and further UNIFY for our needs, whether it is more customers, sales, marketing, advertising, partnerships, information, collaborations and any other help needed to help our industry survive, grow and flourish.

I still have questions!

If you have any other questions, feel free to Contact us.


Monthly: $50 per month

Annual: $500 per year (Save $100)