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The Gun Industry Marketplace is the hub for the firearms industry itself. It’s a single, unified location to connect and assist the businesses, governments and shooters of our industry. Find anything you need from guns, parts, kits, accessories, gear, services, partners, suppliers, distributors, training and much more.

We help our members make their products and services known. Benefits received include increased brand recognition, visibility, customers, partners, collaboration, press and more. Advertising and marketing opportunities in our industry are getting more and more scarce, with Liberal-leaning companies walking away and even banning our industry. Let them go. We’re here to provide a safe platform for the firearms industry.

See our Frequently Asked Questions below.


Monthly: $50 per month

Annual: $500 per year (Save $100)


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Gun Industry Marketplace?

The Gun Industry Marketplace is a community of businesses, manufacturers & service providers, wholesalers & distributors, dealers, gunsmiths, gun ranges, government, the shooting public and a lot more.

Here you can find whatever you need from guns, parts, kits, and accessories all the way to partners, suppliers, distributors, retailers or services.

It is intended as a complete resource for the Firearms Industry where literally everything we may need is right here in a single, unified location. Think of it like an online trade show that is always open.

Never before has there existed a resource, whether someone was new in the industry or not, where someone could easily locate everything they needed.

What are the results?

Results have included: 

  • Increased brand recognition
  • Product or service recognition
  • More visibility
  • More customers
  • New dealers & retailers
  • Government opportunities
  • National and international distribution/wholesale opportunities
  • Press & PR Opportunities
  • Partnership and collaboration

We’re always pleasantly surprised at the wins from our members. You can read them here.

How do I become a member?

Just click the on the button below.

What do I get as a member?

Members receive:

  • A detailed Business Listing
  • Product or Service Listings, which include highlights, images and details.
  • Job Listings– NEW!
  • Easily searchable categorization of your products and services
  • Additional promotion of your brand, product or services
  • National and International visibility to businesses, governments and consumers
  • Access to sales leads which are delivered in real-time.
  • Periodical features to the Gun Industry Marketplace audience

How will this help my business?

We help our members by making their brands, products and services known. You need to be seen constantly, continuously and routinely. This is a competitive industry. The best, highest-quality product in the world will only be successful to the degree that it is known about. The Gun Industry Marketplace should be part of every marketing and advertising arsenal.


  • Get new customers, sales or accounts
  • Get that extra “real estate” to show off your brand, products and services.
  • An additional avenue for buying, selling and partnerships.
  • Connect with the industry to find each other easily.
  • Affordable promotion for smaller marketing and advertising budgets.
  • Great for finding new or unique products, services, suppliers and vendors.
  • Give a new product or service a jump start or boost.
  • Locate everything you need in one place.

Is there a contract?

We have a monthly or annual membership agreement. Stay as long as you want. Or not.

All we require is that any cancellations are done in writing 30 days prior to the next billing date.

Why the Gun Industry Marketplace?

The Gun Industry Marketplace came about through in-depth market research and surveying of the entire supply chain of our industry including manufacturers, service providers, wholesalers, distributors, online stores, dealers, the public, etc.

Every year, our industry has less “real estate” to market and advertise our products and services. Liberal-leaning companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Shopify, eBay and others are removing firearms-related categories and products — even banning our industry. Payment Providers are dropping firearms-related stores and websites without notice. This is leaving us with less and less opportunity to market and advertise our products and services — which we need for our own success.

This is due to “false reports” about our industry which report it as evil, crazy, and unreasonable. This is far from the truth. This is an agenda created to vilify our industry for other sordid purposes, but nonetheless leads some organizations to shrink away from the firearms industry in fear. Let them go. We’ll take our revenues with us.

The truth is that our industry is a close-knit, friendly and ethical Sporting & Hobby Industry. It’s the opposite of what is reported in the media. It is composed of community-oriented men, women, families, veterans, law enforcement, military, government, entrepreneurs, engineers, and more from every walk of life who care for their communities, create jobs, and protect our Constitution. It’s a fantastic community.

American freedom depends upon the Firearms Industry… and we’re here to support it.

I still have questions!

If you have any other questions, feel free to Contact us.


Monthly: $50 per month

Annual: $500 per year (Save $100)