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Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MIL

May 13, 2019
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Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MIL

  • ALPHA Reticle communicates simple hold-over and adjustment data w/ 11-step illumination
  • Comfortable 3.14-3.93″ eye relief with a 27.2-7.85′ field of view (@ 100yds)
  • Positive communication with every 1/10 MIL windage and elevation turret adjustment

The Blackhound Optics Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MIL provides shooters with a solid platform and the data they need to put rounds on target in calm and volatile mid- to long-range conditions. Featuring 20 MIL total elevation and windage adjustments in 1/10 MIL increments, spot-on parallax adjustments from 10yds to infinity, and an 11-step illumination system – the Genesis 4-14×44 FFP MIL is a sturdy, dependable utility optic designed to be feature-rich and engineered to be ready for whatever conditions it’s applied to.

ALPHA Reticle Details:

The ALPHA reticle provides an efficient, easy to interpret platform for MIL-preference shooters looking to push their skillsets to greater distances, and under more dynamic conditions.
Whether competing in a Precision Rifle Match or helping you fill your freezer with game, the ALPHA reticle provides the precision details you need to get on target and complete the task at hand with simplicity and efficiency.

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