1-4×24 Rifle Scope

Genesis 1-4×24 FFP MOA

May 13, 2019
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Genesis 1-4×24 FFP MOA

  • HALO Reticle provides rapid target acquisition and a virtual red dot at 1x.
  • Relaxed 3.3-3.93″ eye relief with a 112-27′ field of view (@ 100yds)
  • Positive communication with every 1/2 MOA windage and elevation turret adjustment

The Blackhound Optics Genesis 1-4×24 FFP MOA provides shooting enthusiasts of all levels with an accurate, affordable and guaranteed short- to mid-range optical aiming platform suitable for every application from utility, hunting, and competition shooting. With a total of 80MOA elevation and windage adjustments, featuring positive communication every 1/2 MOA, a fixed parallax and 11-step illumination, the Genesis 1-4×24 FFP MOA is one of the most practical optics choices available.

HALO Reticle Details:

Most useful in short range, rapid acquisition applications, the HALO Reticle provides a virtual 1x red dot and relaxed focus on the most popular competition and recreational targets. If you enjoy shooting paper and plate racks at your local multi-gun match, or an afternoon at the range – you’re going to love the HALO Reticle!

The HALO Reticle Subtension Data Sheet is available for download at www.blackhoundoptics.com.

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