Gearfire Marketing

Gearfire Marketing

January 17, 2021
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Gearfire Marketing

  • Email Marketing with no restrictions on firearms content
  • Personalization and automation features to keep your customers engaged
  • Targeted marketing tools to generate much higher conversions

Gearfire Marketing

Gearfire now offers a complete email marketing platform to capture leads, engage your audience and convert more sales. Plus, you get all of the “pro tools” at no extra cost. Gearfire Marketing offers powerful automation and personalization features. You send email campaigns that reach the right customers, at the right time.

• Create beautiful, professional email campaigns with pre-built templates, or the drag-and-drop email builder.
• Easily import your existing contacts, up to 60,000 at once!
• Easily integrates with your website using lightbox technology to capture new subscribers.
• Create groups and segments of contacts to make sure the right message is sent to the right subscribers in your list.
• With Gearfire’s marketing automation, you create the workflow! Every subscriber is nurtured.
• Grow a quality email list faster. Use landing pages and signup forms on as many websites as you like.
• Gearfire Marketing integrates with the best apps in the business for video, analytics, services and more.
• The complete Gearfire Marketing suite starts at just $10 a month!

Let’s make your emails better. Contact Gearfire Marketing for more information today!

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