Gas Pedal® Thumb Assists - Pistol Thumb Grip

Gas Pedal® Thumb Assists – Pistol Thumb Grip

January 25, 2023
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Gas Pedal® Thumb Assists – Pistol Thumb Grip

  • Makes shooting very easy with opposable grip
  • Suitable for carry or competition
  • Makes repeatable acquisition, grip, and accuracy


The Gas Pedal® pistol thumb grip is a drop-in part that enhances the game changing opposable grip with no gunsmithing. It makes for the easiest shooting experience for everybody, including those with small or weak hands. It is only product that mitigates recoil in all forms of recoil (impulse, flip, windage, and twist). The Gas Pedal® allows follow-up shots to be much faster and more accurate. There’s already over 30,000 in use today and counting, with virtually all 5 star rave reviews from shooters. These are patented and trademarked products.

There are a lot of copy cats out there; some legal and some not. But nobody makes a thumb assist copy cat that works as well as the brand name Gas Pedal®. Most models simply swap for Take Down Lever (TDL). Some models that have odd TDL use Picatinny Rail for mount.

Most shooters say it is by far the best enhancement they have ever done to their pistol. Pick up your Gas Pedal® Thumb Assist pistol thumb grip today!



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