Firearms Marketing Tip #1

April 28, 2022
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One of the BIGGEST mistakes a company will make is that when business gets slow, they cut their marketing or advertising budgets. They do this to “save money”. This usually comes from someone poorly informed on the subject of sales and marketing, like an accountant or bad business manager. Make no mistake that when you cut your promotion, you are slitting the throat of your business.

The way out of a slump or slow market is only to PROMOTE MORE! Save money, yes! But never save money at the expense of what makes money in the first place — promotion that leads to sales.

Slow times can actually be opportunities (if handled correctly) to gain market share for your business. While your competition is cutting their budgets to “save a buck”, you should be pouring the fuel on the fire of your promotion! There is business in a slow market — just less of it. Who do you think will get it? That’s right. Get that market share!

Promote, market, advertise, yell, shout. MORE! Always.

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