Discovrē Carry System™

January 17, 2021
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Discovrē Carry System™

  • Accommodates most concealed carry sidearms — semiautomatics and revolvers.
  • Four retention levels.
  • Includes two styles of shoulder harnesses.

You NEED the CCW Discovrē Carry System™ if you…

…are new to concealed carry
The CCW Discovrē Carry System™ enables you to experiment—to discover—what and how you want to carry. Shoulder harness? Outside the waistband? The holster is adjustable to fit a wide variety of guns. Everything you need is in ONE PACKAGE—and it’s all ambidextrous. Experiment to determine what works best for you and your choice of sidearm(s).

…are an experienced sidearm owner with multiple sidearms
The Discovrē Carry System™ will hold most, if not all, of your sidearms, and it offers a variety of modes of carry as well as angles of carry.

…trade sidearms frequently
You’ll find a friend in the Discovrē Carry System™ with a holster that fits most popular concealed carry firearms with simple adjustments. And there’s a database with guides for adjustment for nearly fifty guns—and we’re adding to it regularly.

…want to save time and money
Multi-gun owners spend hundreds of dollars and lots of time looking for the right holster for each new sidearm. Result…a box or closet full of holsters to sort through, many of which remain unused.

The Discovrē Carry System™ includes:

  • Patented sidearm carrier
  • Waist carry accessory
  • Balanced shoulder harness for large sidarms
  • Simpified shoulder harness for small-to-medium sidearms
  • Field adjustment tool stored in the carrier
  • Four levels of user-selected retention
  • Basic instructions
  • Access to online detailed instructions and database with fitting guides (currently under construction)
  • Special offer for the first five hundred buyers – shop!
  • The carrier and all accessories are fully AMBIDEXTROUS.

The Discovrē Carry System™ is manufactured in the USA using American-made materials. The field-tough carrier is injection-molded with engineering-grade polymers. The shoulder harnesses are made from fade-and water-resistant polyester strapping.

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