AR15 Carbon Removal Tool

CRT-AR Carbon Removal Tool for AR15 & AR10 Rifles

April 16, 2019
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CRT-AR Carbon Removal Tool for AR15 & AR10 Rifles

  • Cleans bolt, bolt carrier, rear of the bolt carrier, and firing pin
  • Dead stop style reamer will not damage the bolt
  • Made in USA – CNC Machined – Zinc Plated

The CRT-AR is the latest evolution in carbon removal tools for AR platform rifles. This combination tool comes with 3 different scraper tips for the AR-15 the AR-10. It is a comprehensive tool that can clean the bolt, bolt carrier (front and rear) and the firing pin of both AR-15 and AR-10 rifles. The tips are each threaded to screw into the body of the CRT-AR.

Our engineered “dead-stop” reamer design fits into the bolt carrier front and rear to remove the carbon from deep dead-end hole without cutting metal.

The adjustable arm of the CRT-AR is designed to function like a small hand-held lathe. The bolt is placed on the narrow pin, which it can rotate on, then when the arm is brought down onto the bolt tail its scraper edge removes the carbon as it is rotated. This design allows you to clean any bolt tail radius. The form tools in the industry cannot conform to the variance in tolerances of different bolt tail radii. (bolt tail dimensions vary between manufacturers) This sets the CRT-AR far apart from these inadequate form tools.

To increase the functionality of the CRT-AR we have added scraper edges to clean the carbon off of the firing pin face. The hole that sits just behind the arm is where you drop the firing pin into. The face of the firing pin will rest on two small scraper edges. Simply rotate the firing pin with light pressure to remove the carbon build-up.

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