United Defense Manufacturing Corp.

United Defense Manufacturing Corp

United Defense Manufacturing Corp.
8383 Dr. A. Sanots Avenue Barangay San Antonio
Parañaque City, Metro Manila 1715
+63 2 88809738

A 100% Filipino company, United Defense Manufacturing Corp. (UDMC) is engaged in two strategic business units. Both SBU’s are engaged in the sales and distribution of defense equipment to the military and law enforcement agencies.

First, UDMC manufactures NATO standard rifles in calibers 5.56x45mm assault rifles and 7.62x51mm sniper rifles. Its sniper rifles are available in both semi-automatic and bolt action platforms using premium match barrels produced in the Philippines from Bergara barrel blanks in stainless steel SS-410 and SS-416 premium alloys. The barrels of their full- automatic assault rifles are made of 4150 carbon steel. UDMC holds three (3) Philippine patents for the unique design of their Philippine- manufactured assault rifles and precision rifles in gas-piston technology, an improvement over the Stoner-designed direct gas impingement system. UDMC has recently introduced the Bergara bolt action sniper rifles in calibers .338 Lapua and 6.5mm Creedmoor made in Spain by Dikar S. Coop. Bergara.

Second, UDMC represents foreign principals in promoting and distributing their defense articles in the Philippines for military and law enforcement use. Such articles are night fighting systems, force protection systems, armored personnel carriers, tanks, naval assets, air assets, and other defense articles. UDMC has a wealth of experience in government tenders and knows very well the procurement law and procurement processes of the Philippine government under R.A. 9184 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations. This law is better known as the Government Procurement Reform Act.

UDMC S7 Caliber 7.62 NATO Rifles

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UDMC S5/F5 Caliber 5.56 NATO Rifles

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