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TLT Defense
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Scenario-based training is different than simply learning from a text book, or watching a video. At TLT Defense, we fully immerse our participants into real active shooter situations. This isn’t a virtual reality or screen simulation. We have weapons that look and feel real. Our specialized equipment creates an immediate sensation if a participate takes on gunfire so that the adrenaline rush, the fight or flight reaction, the fear, its all real. Why? Because with the recognition of stress and its consequences, we learn to gain control of the effects of adrenaline and emotions like fear. This knowledge makes us more effective and efficient, and teaches us responses should we ever encounter a critical life-threatening incident which requires the Use of Force. Fundamentally, scenario-based training makes us better prepared. This isn’t a game. This isn’t laser tag or paint ball. This is training that could save your life.

TLT Defense

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