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The Hard Truth
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The Hard Truth newsletter is the crossroads of investing, politics and the economy.

Here’s was folks say about the author and publisher of The Hard Truth

“For anyone desiring financial freedom, the material authored by Wolfe is so vital that it can be truly stated that financial freedom is impossible without a fundamental command of this data. That is what Wolfe delivers.”
–– L.B., CEO

“In a world filled with lies and propaganda your writing keeps me connected to the truth that I can sense struggling for breath underneath all the noise.”
–– T.A., CEO

“John Truman Wolfe is a first class writer and political commentator who possesses a huge intellect and never ending passion to expose the ills that plague our society. He is an ombudsman for the common man.”
–– T.J., Seven Time Emmy-Award-Winning Producer/Director

The Hard Truth Magazine

The Hard Truth Magazine

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