TAT3D Advanced Targeting Systems, LLC

TAT3D Advanced Targeting Systems, LLC
233 East Bay St., Suite 615
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 800-1614

TAT3D ATS provides members of the United States Government, Commercial shooting ranges and individual shooters the ability to create life like scenarios; which optimized training value. These realistic forms are useful for sniper training, dynamic entry shooting, and close quarter combat training (CQB). TAT3D ATS products are designed to be used with small and large caliber ammunition and are highly suitable for knife training combat drills. GSA Schedule Contract GS07F087GA

BOB - Target Kit - TAT3D Advanced Targeting Systems

Target Kit — Bob

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Mario - Steel Target Kits - TAT3D Advanced Targeting Systems

Steel Target Kits — Mario

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3D Humanoid Target Systems

3D Advanced Humanoid Target Systems

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