Mid-Evil Industries

Mid-Evil Industries

Mid-Evil Industries
PO Box 7735
San Diego, CA 92167

At Mid-Evil Industries we are committed to providing all gun enthusiasts with high quality, precision engineered weapon accessories. All products are built with first-rate materials for strength and endurance. Our ideas are revolutionary and unrivaled.

We manufacture the only 360 degree adjustable vertical fore grip. The 360 VFG mounts to all tactical rails and allows you to swivel and lock the grip into any position on the fly. With a storage compartment built-in, the 360 VFG is the essential grip for all rifles and shotguns.

Our new proprietary Quick Detach Tripod gives the shooter almost infinite adjustability with its smooth 360 degree rotation and a full tilt function that allows you to acquire targets quickly for an accurate shot every time. We have designed and engineered the necessary components to create a tactical shooting system and have integrated our QD Tripod and NEW QD Adjustable Monopod into our line of Quick Detach accessories.

We have the most Adjustable Grip and Quick Detach Tripod Monopod combination on the market.
Our motto is “Precision and Mobility Combined” and our mission is innovation.

The Overwatch

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rifle Tripod

360 VFG QD Tripod

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360 degree Vertical Fore Grip

The 360° VFG (Vertical Fore Grip)

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