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Gearfire is an innovative technology provider to the United States firearms industry. The company currently provides engaging eCommerce platforms to over 2000 firearm retailers. Consumers have the ability to search and make a purchase through our network of dealers’ websites. We offer consumers one of the world’s largest selection of firearms, accessories and gear available on the internet. We project consumer sales through our FFL Dealer network to exceed $75 Million by 2020. In addition, our system collects valuable real-time data that can be used by the firearms industry to understand consumer buying habits, trends, product market share, and a myriad of other relevant and actionable data. Lastly, Gearfire offers Manufacturers a consolidated means to push consistent advertising imagery and messaging across our entire network of dealers. Gearfire is a leader in offering multi-channel solutions to an industry that only recently started embracing technology – more specifically, eCommerce.

Credit Card Processing For The Shooting Sports Industry

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Turn-Key eCommerce Hosting

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