Bilson Arms LLC

Bilson Arms LLC
1258 Petroleum Parkway
Broussard, Louisiana 70518

Bilson Arms LLC is an FFL class 7 manufacturer with its own line of billet lowers. Most recently it has introduced it patent pending Bilson Arms Pivotal butt stock. Bilson carries its own line of AR-15 firearms. Currently adding its own billet upper with more designs for development in the works! We pride our selves in quality workmanship along with over 30 years of oilfield designing and manufacturing.

Our in house capabilities include multiple Haas 4 and 5 axis mills for difficult manufacturing styles. Our quality backed staff adheres to very stringent Q1 program requirements and not only do custom machine work, but also have in house cerakote services. Our goal is to produce quality guns and gun parts with continued improvements as we go along. Our seasoned design & think tank team work together with Autocad, solidworks and mastercam to produce and provide innovative products for the gun world!

Cerakote Finish Services

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Bilson Arms OEM Gun parts manufacturing

OEM Gun Parts

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Bilson Arms 80% Billet

80% Billet lower

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Bilson Renegade

Bilson Renegade AR-15

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