Andy's Leather Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity: Andy’s Leather

June 19, 2019
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Andy's Leather

Andy’s Leather  

Maker of fine: 

  • Scout Rifle Slings

  • Accessories

  • Totes

  • Belts

  • Ammo Cuffs

  • Wallets and more

Ching Sling

Introduction to Andy’s Leather —
Scout Rifle Slings and more.

Andy’s Leather has been making the 3-Point Ching Sling, 2-Point Rhodesian Sling and standard carry straps for over 20 years. The owner is an avid Scout Rifle shooter and proponent, and has been featured in,, Outdoor Channel, American Rifleman, Down Range TV, Ammoland, American Handgunner, Jerking the Trigger,, Steyr Channel, Scout Rifle Channel, and even in the movies.

Andy’s Leather started ages ago while making custom rifles slings. This was grown into a full-fledged and successful business with many designs, high-quality leather products and premium finish work.

The owner and founder, Andrew Langlois, is a strong proponent of the Lt. Col. Jeff Cooper Scout Rifle concept and created most of the original slings for Scout Rifles, with crossovers evolving for other rifles including Ruger, Steyr, Bighorn Armory, A.H. Larsen (Denmark), Brownells, Marlin and many more.

Andy’s Leather’s flagship product is the Rhodesian Sling — a supporting sling and also a nice carry strap.


Leather Maker & Scout Rifle Community Business

The owner has decided to sell his business and this is a fantastic opportunity for someone interested in not only a successful leather business, but also a community revolving around the Scout Rifle Concept. 

In addition to being a fine maker of leather products, Andy’s Leather owns and operates online forums, magazines & communities related to the Scout Rifle which will come with the business sale including: 

These domains will also come with the sale: 

Ammo Cuff

Carry Strap

Gun Belt


Andy’s Leather is located in North Carolina, but can be run anywhere as a web-based business. Included in the sale will be every needed machine, tools, dies, inventory, hardware, etc. Nothing is outsourced and is all done in-house. Also included will be some demo rifles, trade show equipment, as well as a Scout Rifle/Jeff Cooper library which includes signed books and more. All related social media will accompany the sale.

This is a running and fully functional leather shop specializing in rifle slings. All processes are designed for one person to run everything in a timely fashion, and is affluent enough be a new owner’s sole source of income. Once acclimated, this can be run by one person at 20-40 hrs a week, with some time-saving ideas like holding higher inventories, staff, etc.

The ideal buyer would be someone who is a Lt. Col Jeff Cooper, Gunsite or Scout Rifle fan. This is a great stand-alone source of income or would supplement nicely a rifle manufacturer who has a shop and would be interested in an additional source of income that is already a going concern.

PLEASE NOTE: The owner would like to make known in the case that the business does not sell, that absolutely NOTHING will change in the business. Also, a new buyer would agree to the continuity of operations and quality.


Andy Langlois, Owner
Andy’s Leather

If you or anyone you know may be interested in this, please forward this to them and let them know!

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