Bravo E4473 & Cloud Storage

Bravo E4473 & Cloud Storage

  • 100% ATF-compliant digital 4473 and cloud storage solution.
  • Requires no manual work or duplicate entry, reducing ATF violations caused by human error.
  • Built into Bravo Point of Sale for faster, safer, easier end-to-end gun transactions.


Bravo E4473 is the first 360° digital solution for firearm transactions. Bravo E4473 is 100% ATF compliant and is built into Bravo Point of Sale, putting an end to manual work and duplicates that often lead to human error and ATF violations. Whether you’re a small gun shop, eCommerce firearm store, or large retailer, Bravo E4473 has reimagined the process of firearm transactions, creating an incredible and compliant experience for employees and customers.

Bravo E4473 includes:
– Digital, smart 4473 forms
– Integrated A&D books
– Automated 3310’s and eNICS
– Firearm transfers
– Mobile and kiosk compatibility

Plus, Bravo E4473 Cloud Storage enables businesses to go completely paperless, storing 4473 forms and other required documents in one place for easy, fast retrieval of 4473 forms for traces & audits. Bravo’s E4473 Cloud Storage has portals for self-audits and ATF audits, including training materials for employees and IOI agents.



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