Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner

Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner


Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner

  • Removes copper and lead from rifles and pistols
  • Removes plastic buildup in shotguns
  • Removes rust without harming the bluing

Imagine… A mirror clean Bore… That is exactly what you get with this powerful concentrated gel. It adheres to the surface of the bore for deep cleaning action. In the bore, it completely removes copper and lead deposits, powder residues, and plastic build-up. It also removes black powder corrosion, leaving a chemically clean, bare metal surface – in minutes!

In addition, Blue Wonder™ Gun Cleaner will remove rust from the exterior finish of a gun and it will not harm or affect the bluing! Add to that, it is completely non-toxic and bio-degradable!


  • Powerful Concentrated Gel – Sticks to inside of the bore to work more effectively
  • Removes copper fouling
  • Removes lead fouling
  • Removes rust without harming bluing
  • Removes plastic buildup from shotguns
  • Removes oil from oil-soaked stocks
  • Safe for ALL firearms including polymer frames
  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Flammable

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