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BLAST! Firearms Marketing Campaigns

February 10, 2019
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The BLAST! is a detailed marketing campaign directly into the firearms industry. It can be a one-time or series of campaigns to announce your brand, products, services, trade show booth, business opportunity, announcement, wholesale inventory liquidation — they are 100% tailored to anything you need.

  • Give your announcement or press release a needed, huge boost.
  • Make your brand, products and services known — FAST!
  • Customizable to different market segments

The BLAST! is fully tailored to your needs and uses multiple, expertly executed avenues of digital marketing to get the conversion you want, whether it is acquiring new customers, increasing brand recognition, making an announcement or even moving entire inventories. These campaigns can have massive potential with national and international reach to over 125 countries. Past BLAST! campaigns have created leads, sales, press, articles, reviews, word of mouth campaigns, industry buzz, and some have even gone viral and cleared out entire product inventories!

We make sure your campaign is awesome. Each carefully executed campaign takes place over about a week, ending with a detailed report.

Types of BLAST! campaigns available:

Press BLAST!

The Press BLAST! focuses on firearms industry media & press, including bloggers, YouTubers, reviewers, online and physical magazines, radio, TV, writers and a lot more. Can result in published press releases, reviews, articles, interviews, etc.

Shooter BLAST! (Coming soon)

The Shooter BLAST! focuses on the shooters, collectors, hunters — in other words, the shooting public. This can result in sales, brand recognition, word of mouth, etc. If you want to talk to hundreds of thousands of shooters now, this is how to do it.

Firearms Industry BLAST!

The Firearms Industry BLAST! focuses on the industry itself, which includes dealers & retailers, wholesalers & distributors, online stores, manufacturers, service providers, gunsmiths, gun ranges, the various organizations and associations of our industry and a lot more. Great for building up a dealer and distributor network, getting new partners, customers, or clients.

Government BLAST!

The Government BLAST! focuses on the government connected to the firearms industry. This includes State, Local and Federal Law Enforcement, Agencies, Military, even Congress or other related organizations or associations.


The +P BLAST! is for when you need that extra pressure! This campaign is for when you absolutely want to tell everyone. This includes all market segments above.

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