Bilson Arms OEM Gun parts manufacturing

OEM Gun Parts

November 15, 2022
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OEM Gun Parts – Manufacturing Standard or Custom Parts

  • Since 1992, over 30+ Years Machining Experience
  • Customization – From Design to Custom Machine Work and Engravings
  • Cerakote & Anodizing Services


OEM Gun Parts

Bilson Arms is a FFL Class 7 manufacturer and equipped with everything needed for firearms & parts manufacturing and brings over 30+ years of machining & manufacturing experience to the table. Bilson Arms would welcome the opportunity to work with your team members on any current or future projects where our proven and award winning, quality workmanship can be of benefit.

With over 30+ years’ experience, our capacity to manufacture our products’ as well as yours, is top of the line.  From product production to FFL marking variances. We can match fit upper and lower sections, perform RMR slide installations or modifications, and manufacture custom rails.

We also perform custom engravings. Our custom engraved 80% lowers ship to you with whatever engravings you choose.  We offer as few or as many engravings as we have options.   Parts are shipped to us with custom engraving ideas, and we review it, reply with pricing, and place it on the part.

Additionally, we offer in-house Cerakote services with colors from both the Cerakote “E” (Elite) series and “H” series line of colored coatings.



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