Allegiance Ammo SilentStrike

Allegiance SilentStrike


Allegiance SilentStrike

  • Jacketed Frangible Full Cycling Subsonic
  • No Ricochet
  • Frangible in Tissue

SilentStrike is made from a dense tungsten compressed powder metal. The high density of the core gives SS the ability to penetrate thick clothing/hide heavy bone to reach the vitals. Once inside and impacting against the fluid filled tissue the frangible core is designed to begin fragmenting in vertical and horizontal directions creating a multi directional permanent wound cavity. This creates massive shock trauma to the central nervous and shuts it down from overload. This is quicker and more efficient than the old school bleed out which allows the threat to stay in the fight and possibly shoot back injuring or killing more people. SilentStrike is the worlds only Frangible Subsonic round that is safe to shoot in suppressors and won’t blow up as with other frangibles.

SilentStrike is the solution when Quiet and Lethal Performance is required for a successful hunt or mission.

Allegiance SilentStrike

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