Allegiance HogStrike 556 80gr Feature

Allegiance HogStrike

August 13, 2019
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Allegiance HogStrike

  • Shot Placement not as crucial because of massive fragmentation and wound channel
  • No Shoot Through, NO EXIT!
  • Massive Stopping Power
  • 100% Total Energy Transfer inside the Target

Allegiance HogStrike uses 21st Century Powder Metal Technology. Allegiance has engineered a dense frangible core that will penetrate through thick hide and bone to reach the vitals and fragment releasing all the rounds energy inside the soft fluid filled tissue. This violent fragmentation causes the frangible core to become a rotational expanding cone of micro size powder metal particles that creates a massive permanent wound channel that shuts down the animals central nervous system and stops them in their tracks.

No other round is going to stop them as hard and fast as HogStrike. Insure the success of your next hunt with HogStrike!

Allegiance HogStrike

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