All-In-One Point of Sale for FFLs

June 18, 2024
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Stop Doing Manual 4473s


Bravo is the only firearm point of sale with A&D books, E4473 and Cloud Storage built right into the system, making it easy to switch from manual, paper forms to electronic ATF compliance. Get everything you need to run your business in one point of sale system.

Webinar Playback: How to Crush Used Guns Sales


Bravo has helped FFLs dominate the used gun market, with customer’s averaging 54% profit margin. Now, we’ve pulled back the curtain to share our proven playbook for maximizing returns in this lucrative space. Whether just testing used gun waters or ready to take your business to the next level, this session provides the tools and tactics for massive profits.

Sell Like a Pro at Tradeshows: Bravo’s Secret Weapon Revealed


Bravo is the only point of sales for FFLs with Gun Show Mode, making it easy to buy, sell and trade firearms on the road with no additional work. Bravo with Gun Show Mode includes: 
  • Easy to change tax nexus for anywhere in the country 
  • Automated inventory reconciliation 
  • Built in E4473 forms and A&D book 
  • Gun show sales reports 


Kathleen Owen, VP Revenue

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